Chapter 6. Dilutions and concentrations (1 of 38) Sample Questions

1. A patient weighs 60 kg and is to be given a drug at 2 mg/kg. Stock strength is 40 mg/2 mL. What volume of should be given?
  1. A. 2.73 mL
  2. B. 27.3 mL
  3. C. 6 mL
  4. D. 60 mL
  5. E. 0.6 L
Ans: C
60 kg x 2 mg/kg = 120 mg
(120mg)/40mg) x 2 mL = 6 mL

Strategic thinking:
Read the question. Identify and organize the given values. You are asked to solve for the volume.
Choose the best strategy to solve it. In dose calculation, weight is an important consideration. So before starting to calculate, always make sure that the values are in the same unit as required by the question. In this problem, weight is already given in kilograms. (Other times, weight is expressed in pounds. Take note of that. You can use simple proportion to answer this. Double-check if your final answer is in the right unit.
Check if you answered the question right. The right match is C.