Psychiatric Sample Questions

1. The nurse assigned for the client with difficulty in thought process. The patient said I am ok, why I am here? How would the practical nurse communicate with the patient?
A. Open – ended question and silence.
B. Focusing on self-disclosure regarding food preferences.
C. Asking questions and analyzes the reason.
D. Give suggestion and ideas.

2. A nurse is caring the client who psychiatric illness and patient said “let me go out of the hospital I don’t have any problem. The nurse should interpret this behavior is
A. Denial.
B. Projection.
C. Regression.
D. Compensation.

3. A nurse is caring a psychiatric client and she is preparing the client for termination phase of the nurse–client relationship. Which method the nurse should initiate.
A. Plan long term goals.
B. Plan short term goals.
C. Help in making appropriate referrals.
D. Explain about how to handle each situation.