Pediatric Sample Questions

1. What precautions need to take when a child with impetigo admitted in the unit?
A. Airborne
B. Contact
C. Droplet
D. Standard

2. When child with eczema discharge home. What are special cares the nurse expects to instruct to the child mother?
A. Minimize scratching of the skin.
B. Exposure to latex should be avoided
C. Instruct the parent to wash the child cloth with mild detergent and rinse it thoroughly.
D. Wear woolen clothes or can be use blankets.

3. A child with sickle cell anemia admitted in the pediatric unit with complains of fever and selling of hands. What is the cause of this condition?
A. Vaso – occlusive
B. Splenic sequestration
C. Hyperhemolytic crisis.
D. Aplastic crisis