Pain Management Sample Questions

1. A client has an appendectomy. The practical nurse has just assessed after receiving from the operation room, patient is crying and restless. Which of the following action should do first?
A. Prevent the infection.
B. Document the findings.
C. Relieve pain
D. Maintain skin integrity.

2. Client complaints of severe pain. When nurse assessed the pain, the patient rate the pain 8 of 10. The nurse administered Morphine as prescription. How the nurses document this in the nurse’s notes?
A. Patient complains severe pain. He asked the medicine and administered.
B. Patient said he has burning and crushing pain. The nurse administered Injection Morphine as per doctor’s order.
C. Administered Injection Morphine as per patient request.
D. Patient complaints of squeezing and crushing pain. When assessed the pain with pain rating scale; the client rated 8 of 10. Administered Injection Morphine intravenously to the client as per doctors’ order.

3. When a post-surgical client transferred to the unit complaints of severe pain and when rated the pain, patient states that 5 of 10. What intervention will do for the client?
A. Provided psychological support for the patient.
B. Explained to the patient this is expected problem after surgery. Every patient has the same problem.
C. Check the vitals, doctor’s order and administered medication as per doctors order.
D. Change the position of the patient and provided comfortable position of the patient.