Neurological Systems Sample Questions

1. What will be the normal cerebrospinal fluid pressure?
A. 5 to 10mmH2O.
B. 10 to 15 mmH2O.
C. 25 to 100 mmH2O.
D. 50 to 175mmH2O.

2. The doctor advised for the CT scan of the brain for the client who has constant and persistent head ache. What will nurse importantly check for this patient prior to schedule for the test?
A. Any history of allergy to shell.
B. Make sure the patient is NPO.
C. Encourage the patient to stay calm.
D. Make sure everything is in the file.

3. The doctor advised radiological examination for the group of clients. Which order the nurse supposed to clarify?
A. A 22 years old DM for CT scan.
B. A 44 years old client who has hypertension X-ray skull.
C. A 32 years old pregnant client who advised for MRI.
D. A 64 years old advised for EEG