Musculoskeletal Systems Sample Questions

1. A patient came to the unit with inflamed right knee joint. The doctor advised for arthrocentesis. When patient ask the nurse about the importance of it. What would practical nurse reply for that.
A. Aspiration of fluid from the joint.
B. Applying massage to the joint.
C. Applying stimulation by using TENS machine
D. To remove the inflamed bones.

2. The excessive stretching of a ligament is called
A. Strain.
B. Sprain.
C. Rotator cuff injury.
D. Fracture

3. The nurse is caring a client who complaints of sprain. What instruction would nurse recommend for the client? Which one is incorrect information?
A. Rest and ice application.
B. Apply a compression bandage.
C. Elevation of a leg on a couch or chair while sitting.
D. Apply hot application.