Legal and Ethical Sample Questions

1. A newly admitted patient says “I just don’t know if I should be here. What will my family think?” Using the approach of reflection, the nurse may respond most appropriately with which of the following statement.
A. What you are family think is not important. It is you that we are concerned about.
B. It sounds like your family doesn’t understand you
C. It is hard to be here. You are concern about your family’s reaction
D. You can’ always please your family, can you?

2. Mrs. Matheson is admitted to the long-term health care facility. While the nurse is helping her unpack her belongings, she suddenly cried out. What is the nurse’s best response?
A. ‘Please don’t cry Everyone is happy here’.
B. ‘I see that you are upset. It must be very hard for you to be here’.
C. ‘It is alright to be in the hospital’, Mrs. Matheson
D. ‘I know how difficult it is for you to be here in the hospital.’

3. Mr. Jones met with an accident and admitted to the hospital. The client has abdominal trauma and advised for laparotomy. Who is responsible to take informed consent?
A. The surgeon
B. Nurse in charge
C. Social worke
D. Nurse