Intravenous and Blood Transfusion Sample Questions

1. A practical nurse who received patient should check prior to initiate IV?.
A. Check vital signs
B. Explain procedure to the patient.
C. Take consent from the patien
D. Check the physician order.

2. The PN is about to administer Mr. Peter antibiotics after which he is being reposition, meantime nurse aide came said another patient IV fluid alarm went off. The appropriately prioritize her nursing activities?
A. Administer the antibiotics, reposition the patient and attend to another patient IV pump.
B. Administer the antibiotics and reposition the patient, ask nursing aide to attend another patient.
C. Turn off the other patient IV alarm; administer the antibiotics and reposition of the patient.
D. Reposition the patient, turn off IV alarm of other patient and then administer the antibiotics.

3. A patient is advised for surgery and surgeon advised to start 5% dextrose at 100ml/hr evening before the surgery. What is the primary purpose of it?
A. Have a route for administering medication rapidly.
B. Avoid the need for inserting it in the morning.
C. Decrease the client desire to take fluids by mouth.
D. Assure that client remains adequately hydrated.