Delegation Sample Questions

1. A RN will assign which patient to the PN?
A. A newly post op patient
B. Patient need to start blood transfusion.
C. A client long standing Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
D. A client with chest tube.

2. The PN is working in the medical unit. Which patient would PN expect to get?
A. A 76 yr old patient who discharge home.
B. A 30yr old has asthma who admitted two hours ago.
C. A 43yr old who came to ER with complains of chest pain.
D. A 64yr old COPD patient with stable vitals

3. There are 4 patients in the unit, the nurse Martha who floated from medical geriatric unit to surgical unit. Which patient will assign for the nurse Martha
A. A patient needs abdominal dressing and packing.
B. A patient pre op preparation for the bone surgery in the morning..
C. An elderly lady who paralyzed after rt side CVA, who needs to be catheterized PRN
D. A post laparotomy patient.