Care of a Client with a Tube Sample Questions

1. Initial nursing intervention when the nasogastric tube is not draining?
A. Pull tube out 2 inches
B. Check tube for possible kinking
C. Remove and reinsert the tube
D. Report findings to the physician.

2. How to determine tube placement after insertion of nasogastric tube?
A. Aspirate the tube.
B. Keeping the end of the tube at the face to check the patient breathing
C. Aspirate the tube and check the pH of that contents
D. Check the x -ray.

3. Mitchell has a nasogastric tube for aspiration, the health care provider advised to remove the nasogastric tube. The practical nurse is removing the tube. Which is not correct method?
A. Ask the patient take deep breath and hold.
B. Remove the tube slowly and evenly
C. Coil the tube around the hand while removing it.
D. Remove the tube at a time.