Adult Renal System Sample Questions

1. Which test helps to determine the glomerular filtration rate?
A. Urea.
B. Urine culture.
C. Serum creatinine.
D. Creatinine clearance.

2. What is the special intervention need to inform to the patient who had cystoscopy? Which instruction is incorrectly explained?
A. Increase fluid intake as prescribed.
B. Leg cramps are common, it will resolve after few days.
C. Reinforce the instructions that urine color would be tea colored, pink tinged and has some burning pain, but it will reduce by days.
D. If there are any clots or bright red output, encourage the client to drink more fluids to clear the urine.

3. Which position should the practical nurse position a client for renal biopsy?
A. Prone position and placing pillow under shoulder and abdomen.
B. Supine position and placing pillow on the side.
C. Side lying with pillows on side.
D. Knee chest position.