Adult Integumentary System Sample Questions

1.What is very much important thing nurse should keep in mind if he/ she dealing with any client have infection about the culture?
A. Culture should be done before starting an antibiotic.
B. Culture should be done by specialized nurse.
C. Culture should be done with specific consent from the client.
D. Document the findings during taking culture.

2. How MRSA will transmit to other people?
A. Direct contact.
B. Droplet contact
C. Airborne
D. Indirect contact.

3. A nurse is caring with a client who has right leg cellulites. The client has erythema and edema on her leg. What will nurse do for the patient complaints?
A. Apply warm compresses.
B. Apply cold compresses.
C. Apply heat to the swelling area.
D. Soak his foot in the cold water.