Adult Gastrointestinal System Sample Questions

1.A 42year old Mr. Smith admitted with gastric cancer and the treating doctor advised for surgery that is total gastrectomy. What would nurse mean total gastrectomy?
A. Removal of entire intestines.
B. Surgical division of vagus nerve.
C. Removal lower section of the stomach.
D. Removal of the stomach with attachment of esophagus to the jejunum or duodenum.

2. The patient came to the unit after gastrectomy. What would nurse check first?
A. Check the dressings.
B. Check the patency of the nasogastric tube
C. Check the vital signs.
D. Check the patient pain.

3. Following the surgery, the patient complaints of severe pain. Upon assessment the nurse found that the nasogastric tube is not functioning properly. What will do nurse next?
A. Irrigate the tube with NS.
B. Reinsert the nasogastric tube..
C. Reposition the tube.
D. Inform the in-charge.