Adult Cardiovascular System Sample Questions

1. A client came to the unit with chest pain and the doctor advised for electrocardiogram. The practical nurse explains to the patient about electrocardiogram?
A. It is an invasive procedure to check the conduction system of the heart.
B. This is a noninvasive procedure and the test records the electrical activity of the heart and useful in detecting arrhythmias.
C. The noninvasive procedure is based on the principles of ultrasound and evaluates the structure and function of the heart.
D. Tracing the client heart for periods of 24hrs or more while the client performs the daily activities.

2. A client is scheduled for angiography to detect the condition of the heart. What would nurse ask prior explain about the preparation about the procedure?
A. Ask the patient any allergy for shell fish.
B. Check the client knowledge.
C. Explain about the possible complication associated about the procedure.
D. Document the client condition.

3. A client is posted for cardiac catheterization. What is the reason for that?
A. It obtains information about the structure and performance of the heart chambers and valves and the coronary circulation.
B. It obtains information of the structure of the heart electrical activity.
C. To reduce the pain and improves comfort.
D. To improve the heart function.