Perioperative Nursing Care Sample Questions

1.The term pregnant women admitted in the unit. Due to the cord prolapsed patient need, need suddenly took to the operating theatre for emergency caesarian. The patient spouse wants to know about the procedure during the surgery. To whom the practical nurse arrange patient spouse to meeting with?
A. Assigned nurse
B. Physician
C. Surgeon
D. Nurse in charge

2. Who is responsible to take informed consent from the patient who is posted for surgery?
A. Assigned nurse
B. Anesthetist
C. Attending surgeon
D. Registered nurse.

3. A client is posted for radical mastectomy. When nurse when to check the patient vital signs, patient told to nurse after my surgery nothing will happen to breast only some correction. What would do practical nurse?
A. Explain to the patient that you are correct
B. Check her vital signs
C. Explore the statement and inform the doctor about her conversation.
D. Do not mind what she said as if she signs already the consent.